Wilderness Integration Specialist

Christina joined the Wilderness family in 2006 and has never looked back. Her Wilderness experience extends across various departments and roles. She looks forward to her next Wilderness chapter, working closely with itrvl, the Wilderness Directs team and RARA.

Christina Schaddach grew up in Germany and moved to South Africa in 1992. She worked for German companies in South Africa before moving into the tourism sector. Prior to joining Wilderness, Christina ran her own company focusing on Groups and FIT.

Christina is as passionate about Wilderness’ vision and mission as she was when she joined over 17 years ago. She’s held different roles in the company, including Reservations, Customer Care and Wilderness Product.

In 2020 an opportunity arose for her to join a new and exciting Wilderness team as a Travel Designer under Owned Brands, where she focused on selling Southern and East Africa. She then moved to the Rest of the World division as an Operations Specialist.

In her new role as Wilderness Integration Specialist, Christina’s focus is on enhancing the booking journey, utilising specialised Wilderness platforms, and improving itrvl interactions across the business.

Christina feels fortunate to have experienced the vastness and beauty of Southern Africa, and considers herself a wildlife enthusiast, intrigued by the iconic African wilderness. She has also developed a keen interest in birding.

In her free time, Christina likes to read and listen to audio books. She works with a small charity where she crochets items for various non-profits. She loves to spend time in her garden and is always on the lookout for new plants. Christina also volunteers at various animal rescue centres – animals and wildlife remain a big passion for her.

Christina is excited for her next Wilderness chapter noting, “I am proud to be part of Wilderness, a company that makes a real difference in protecting our wild areas. I believe the business’ positive impact will exceed what I once dreamed possible”.