Creativity Campaign

From Malora’s Desk

Celebrating Our Creativity

Thank you to those who shared their creations with us during the Express Your Creativity campaign. Although the campaign has ended, I would like to challenge you to continue embracing your creative side, whether it’s a hobby you wish to restart or exploring something new. Many experts agree that creativity is not something we are born with, but rather a skill that is learnt. Exercising our creative brain not only allows us to think innovatively, problem solve and be more productive, it also has health benefits such as boosting our immune system and encouraging happiness.

On that note, we will continue with the Creative Gallery for the year, so that you can still submit your creations when inspiration strikes! The directive is as before – submit absolutely anything that falls into the creative space – a poem, dance, jewellery, culinary dishes, drawings, photos, art and songs.

Send your creative pieces to and we will showcase the gallery at the end of the year again, with some fun and festivities.


Some ideas to inspire your creativity:

  • Pimp your office (decorate your work space)
  • Doodle while you are on the phone
  • Get an adult colouring-in book or paint-by-numbers canvas
  • Dance to your favorite songs or join a dance lesson
  • Watch a baking or cooking video and create a dish
  • Join or create a craft group (beading, painting, music)
  • Join or create a book club
  • Journal, or write your own stories
  • YouTube basic photography skills, take some photos with your phone and have fun editing with filter settings

If you missed it, take a look at our Creative Gallery here

Next month we’ll focus on physical exercise, so watch this space…