Get to know me in 7

  1. Name and job title: Hamish Hofmeyr – Wilderness Namibia Operations Manager.
  2. Describe yourself in 3 words: Dedicated, fun and compassionate.
  3. Favourite things to do in your spare time: I am a sports fanatic so if I am not playing golf, cricket, swimming etc. I am watching it somewhere. I love the outdoors and spend lots of time walking in nature. Bird watching is one of my many outdoor passions.
  4. What talent/superpower would you love to have: The ability to understand all languages. I love being surrounded daily by the vast array of cultures and nationalities of where we work, and to be able to communicate meaningfully with all would be a gift.
  5. Favourite wild animal and why: Spotted hyena. They are fierce, protective and family-orientated and let’s be honest, what man doesn’t like looking up to his lady? Oh, and the cubs are just the fluffiest, most eye-wateringly cute balls of fur alive.
  6. An accomplishment that you are proud of: Quite a few actually, but being a dedicated father with a loving family trumps all of them by far!
  7. Tell us one story/memory that you have while working at Wilderness: It was a super long time ago and probably my first experience with Wilderness. I was helping out at a beautiful camp in Malawi called Mvuu, before moving into APU. There was talk of the river coming down after some heavy rains further north. The river did come down, and with much greater force than we thought. Of course we had left the boats in the water not expecting more than a slight rise. Boy were we surprised. Before it was too late and our boats found their way into Mozambique, myself and a friend jumped into the river and managed to grab a boat each and fought the current to shore with boats in tow. Exhausted, we hauled our cargo out of the water and while sitting on the bank catching our breath, the biggest croc I have ever seen (to this day) made its way downstream right in front of us. We just looked at each other and laughed. The things you do when you are young and carefree!

 Thank you for sharing your story with us Hamish!