Get to Know Jacada

The Jacada brand has been part of the Wilderness family for almost exactly two years, and in that time we’ve been proud to contribute to the incredible work that Wilderness supports. 

Positive impact travel has always been at the heart of what we do, and so we’ve loved becoming part of a company that lives and breathes it. 

Thanks to being part of Wilderness, we’ve helped more than a thousand people travel in the last two years. Today, we’re thrilled to see demand exploding for travel, bringing the support and relief to the people and places that rely on income from tourism.

Beyond Africa we sell trips all over the world and are a very international team. Our main office is in London, but we have team members spread far and wide – from Bali, Hong Kong and Taiwan to South Africa and Kenya, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal, Scotland and even Argentina. And we hope to keep adding to that list! 

Looking to the future, we’re really excited to help our Wilderness family to grow and expand its offering to protect and restore more of the world’s most precious ecosystems.