Magashi guides experience the Serengeti

Our Wilderness Magashi guides were offered an incredible opportunity during March – a two-week trip to visit and learn from their colleagues across the border in Tanzania.

Alphonse and Assiat were the first two guides selected for this impactful Serengeti trip, where they got to experience the daily happenings at Wayo and Usawa camps.

The trip was filled with learnings and experiences, from meeting new colleagues, traversing new terrain and identifying new species, to taking a few quiet moments to let it all soak in.

Alphonse enjoyed discovering the night skies and developing his astronomy skills. A highlight was spotting a caracal for the first time before lions in the vicinity spooked it away. It was also incredible to witness lions gathered on the top of rock formations.

“The geology of ancient landscapes and the forming of their hills and mountains broadened my understanding of how they are all interlinked”, enthused Alphonse after he returned home to Rwanda.

Assiat was also in awe of the geology and landscapes. She recalls a sighting of cheetahs on a kill, before hyenas overpowered the cats, stealing their kill. She also enjoyed many new bird lifers, including Verreaux’s eagle, secrectarybird, Pangani longclaw and Von der Decken’s hornbill.

Assiat was thrilled to expand her bush knowledge, “The vast plains and huge expanse of wildlife was mesmerising, and gave me a sense of how small we really are”, she noted.