Well done to everyone who took part in Move Month 2023 and congratulations to our team winners. We look forward to seeing more fitness achievements and goals reached later this year!

  • Wilderness Groups, Series & Explorations (GSE) Team – Johannesburg

Our GSE team are super fun, and enjoy being active. However, many have had to endure stressful situations during the past few years. Motivated by Move Month, the team decided to rise to the challenge. They started off with a 5 km group hike before work one morning and came up with the idea to be active and make a difference! After looking at a few options, it was decided that they wanted to encourage children’s wellbeing. They hired jumping castles, baked cupcakes, bought other goodies and groceries for a local children’s home. On the day they visited the children, they played, jumped, danced, and learnt a few dance moves from the kids. The day was truly inspirational and so many lessons were learnt from the children. We are not stopping and are going to continue with our team effort to assist local NGOs while keeping fit. We welcome anyone at Wilderness to share in our experience.

Watch Team GSE in action here.

  • Wilderness Sabyinyo – Rwanda

During April’s Move Month, the team at Wilderness Sabyinyo revamped and equipped a complete gym, with a treadmill, weights, mats and skipping ropes for all staff to reach their individual fitness goals.

  • Wilderness Marketing – South Africa

During Move Month the team followed individual fitness goals and provided us with a snapshot of themselves in action.