Namibia Culture Walls

Namibia Culture Walls

During the last few months, the Namibian training team has been hard at work emphasising the “Why” of Wilderness, creating unity, teamwork, and most importantly, invigorating our Wilderness service culture.

Ansie gave us this feedback from the Namibian Training Team.

Throughout Namibia we have the privilege of working with and experiencing many different cultures, but it is amazing to see how Namibians come together in the workplace to create one culture – our culture.


Our Wilderness culture represents our mindset, values, vision and purpose, and becomes the operational backbone for each camp.

Each camp worked on recreating the walls surrounding their back of house and turned these spaces into their “Culture Walls”.


As part of our product improvement plans (PIP) each camp chose a camp personality to represent the traveller or adventurer portrayed by their camp. This included an animal representation. For example Kulala Desert Lodge chose an ant – the ant is small but impactful. Through these meanings each camp came up with an animal that the team most relates too. The culture wall has significant meaning to each camp, and therefore their animal was the foundation for the designs.

We included a few creative sections to allow the teams to write quotes, birthday notes, Namibia’s golden rules, and left space for newsletters or celebrating name mentions from guest feedback!

As we moved through the camps, we all jumped in to lend a helping hand. Dewald came up with the amazing designs to maintain a consistent standard throughout Namibia, further creating unity throughout the region. The culture walls represent our camp cultures in art form… the previously dull walls are now alive with colour, and celebrate our amazing people.

In the words of Tony Hsieh, “Culture is the only thing that your competitors cannot steal or copy”.