Meet Sean Taggart, the accomplished Executive Manager at Wilderness, working closely with CEO, Keith Vincent, and Wilderness EXCO to help drive the brand’s expansion plans, pursue innovative ideas to review best practice and boost business profitability with a global perspective.

Born against the breathtaking backdrop of Victoria Falls, Sean’s journey, from London’s classrooms to stints in Zambia, Congo, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Portugal, and Brazil, has woven a rich tapestry of life experiences.

With an illustrious career spanning 12 years, Sean’s leadership roles include serving as Director at Afritec Asset Management and as Country Head at Rendeavour, showcasing strategic acumen in overseeing large-scale real estate investments. Beyond boardrooms, Sean’s passion for diverse cultures has led him to over 70 countries in just five years, where he gained invaluable insights into global business landscapes.

Sean not only excels in the boardroom but also on the waves. His surfing hobby is more than a pastime; it’s his own way of checking if the sea levels are rising first-hand.

Sean was drawn to Wilderness, not only for its pioneering status in travel and conservation, but for its renowned ethos of being a torchbearer in protecting our planet’s most precious and untamed environments – something that aligns deeply with his own moral compass.