Tammy Goodwin embarked on her Wilderness journey over two decades ago. Since then, she has been at the helm of the Reservations team, overseeing operations across European, UK and Asia Pacific markets. Her enduring dedication exemplifies her unwavering alignment with the company’s ethos and values.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Tammy’s educational path led her from Greenside Primary to Greenside High School before embarking on a one-year diploma in travel and tourism, shaping her passion for the industry.

Despite an early aptitude for dance, where she became the South African tap champion during her youth, Tammy’s trajectory veered towards travel after a transformative experience visiting Cairo and Amman after high school and then volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel. This ignited her passion for exploration and set her on the path to a career in the travel industry.

With Wilderness as her first and only professional home, Tammy’s impressive tenure spans more than two decades, during which she has cultivated enduring relationships, traversed breathtaking and remote landscapes across Southern Africa and beyond, and played instrumental roles in expanding the company’s reach.

In her current capacity as Reservations Manager for the Europe, UK, and newly appointed Asia-Pacific markets, Tammy’s focus is on nurturing agent relationships, elevating service delivery standards and driving growth. Her leadership style is characterised by honesty, reliability and dedication – qualities which have earned her immense respect from colleagues and partners alike. ‘My goal for Asia-Pacific specifically is the rebuilding of our Travel Designer team, further elevating our service standards, fine tuning processes and helping and supporting the Travel Designers within the team to realise their full potential”, says Tammy.

Outside of work, Tammy finds solace in nature, her daily yoga practice, as well as reading, all of which enrich her spiritual journey. Grateful for the opportunities afforded by Wilderness, her career highlights are vast, but experiencing the Wilderness camps in some of Africa’s most remote, untouched places remain a top highlight. Tammy remains deeply connected to the diverse tapestry of people and places that have shaped her professional and personal life.