40-year Anniversary Competition

Individual Entries – Poetry

Recognising our incredible milestone with a personal showcase of what 40 years of Wilderness means to us!

We are Wilderness.

Jo Bestic, South Africa

A life changed, one safari at a time.

Ingabire Mamie Assiat, Rwanda

Wilderness is home.

Melissa de Beer, South Africa

Forty years of Wilderness.

Onka Mosupukwa, Botswana

Wilderness changes lives.

Selma Benyameni, Namibia

To me Wilderness is the expression of loyalty to the earth, and what we can do to restore the world’s wilderness. Wilderness is the home we shall ever know. Wilderness means us all adopting the pace of nature.

Ornella Katanga, South Africa

Forty years of blessings.

Egotetse (Easy) Molapisi, Botswana

Celebrating Wilderness

Heinrich Jacobs, South Africa

Oh Wilderness, how you have grown.

Nikita Wichtmann, South Africa

We are Wilderness.

Keitheng Mohibitswane, Botswana

Wilderness 40-year poem.