40-year Anniversary Competition

Individual Entries – Videos

Recognising our incredible milestone with a personal showcase of what 40 years of Wilderness means to us!

We are Wilderness.

Egotetse (Easy) Molapisi, Botswana

Happy 40th Wilderness.

Lucy Lopez, South Africa

What 40 years of Wilderness means to me.

Lauren Dold, South Africa

Wilderness celebrations.

Venuste Ndungutse, Rwanda

During this time we celebrate 40 years of our Wilderness journey, I am super impressed and happy to be a part of the competition to be able to emphasize the positive impacts that Wilderness made in my career. Improving my life from the first day I joined the Wilderness family.

Brian Makhao, Northern Air Maintenance

Life begins at 40…

Patience Uwera, Rwanda

Wilderness Imyaka 40 Ubayeho Waduhinduriye Ubuzima
(Wilderness 40 years that changed our lives)

Pierre Celestin Havugimana, Rwanda

Wilderness mu myaka 40 Wabaye Ubukombe
(Wilderness 40 years of being a champion)

Vicky Pollock, South Africa

Sharing 40 years of Wilderness food memories. How food on safari is good for the soul and how meals have changed over the years.

Marius De Jager, South Africa

This is a celebration. A reminder to ourselves. Of who we are, what we have achieved and what we spend every day building.

Jason Glanville, Rwanda

I take great pride in being a part of our company that protects the wild places I love most, alongside the people who care deeply about preserving them. 40 represents the immense passion of truly making a difference.

Bryan Williams, South Africa

I started at Wilderness in the summer of 2017, and was in for the surprise of my life when I went for my interview. What stuck with me was the fact that everyone was laid back but committed, hardworking and dedicated to making guests’ dream holidays come true. Wilderness celebrating 40 years of existence, is proof that the company is dedicated to growth and success. I wish the company nothing but the best. Cheers to 40 years.

Fern Brasem, Botswana

W – Amazing Wildlife Experiences
I – Interesting people
L – Love for all living things
D – Dedicated Teams
E – Encouraging Conservation
R – Revival of the Soul
N – Living in Nature
E – Everlasting Friendships
S – Silent Solitude
S – Standing Strong Always

Watch the Maun Bar birthday cake…

Keitheng Mohibitswane, Botswana

Amoroke which means Greetings.
I would love to share this with you about the Hambukushu. The Bahambukushu tribe originated from Angola and their native language is called Sembukushu. They are found in the northern parts of Botswana, especially along the Okavango Delta. They live in large groups or extended families and make homes out of reeds, cow dung, and mud.

Hambukushu men can marry 2-3 wives and have many kids, all staying under one roof. They practice mixed farming and are hunters and gatherers. The women practice basket weaving and use this skill to make a living while the men make boats,used for transport across the river and fishing, spoons, hoes and axes.

Their favourite food is millet, meat, fish, tswii, mealie meal, peanuts and beans.
They do practice motshelo (form a group and help each other financially), mafisa (give others cows for them to sustain their families). Helping each other.

For 40yrs Bahambukushu have been able to live peacefully with Wilderness and we are happy to celebrate these 40 years. 

Not only celebrate but work together with Wilderness to discover earth’s ultimate untamed places in all our camps (especially Vumbura).