Wilderness ERP Training

Attending to an emergency in our remote areas of operation can pose numerous challenges. How our teams respond on the ground is very important, and it’s our responsibility to equip our staff with the necessary tools, skills and support for those unforeseen circumstances.

Recently our Guides and Managers in Zimbabwe and Namibia underwent ground-breaking emergency response training (ERP) led by Group Risk, Park.Doctor and Wilderness Air safety teams. This innovative approach reinforces our commitment to leading the industry by empowering our teams with competency-based skills, ensuring they can confidently and effectively manage emergencies in our wilderness areas. As Wilderness24 marked its 10th anniversary last year, we’re focused on equipping our teams with practical response skills, enhanced tools and the confidence to handle diverse risk-related situations.

Malora Keevey, Wilderness Group Risk Manager, is spearheading this initiative and emphasised the significance of ERP training. “Most existing emergency response programmes are either too focused on urban environments or are too theory-heavy. We need practical and relevant training that integrates all aspects of how an actual scenario would play out. This integrated ERP training is the first of its kind in the industry and we continue to refine and build competencies with our camp teams to handle any unforeseen event”.

Bruce Johnson, from our Widerness Air Safety & Quality team, shared his insights from the recent training. “Despite having been in aviation all my life, the practical aspects of managing injured persons in an aircraft that has crash-landed was an eye-opener. I feel that for the first time, I was witnessing a deeper understanding by airfield attendants, guides and camp management on the challenges of managing an incident site”.

In addition, Hamish Hofmeyr noted the positive impact of the training on our Namibian Camp Operations teams, relating how the staff engaged in practical lessons covering airstrip emergencies, aircraft evacuation and vehicle emergency procedures, and how their enthusiasm was very evident throughout the sessions.

By equipping our teams with competency-based skills and practical response strategies, we are further solidifying our position as industry leaders in this space, upholding the core values of the Wilderness Way and fostering a culture of safety and professionalism across all our operations.

Thank you to all of the teams involved and we look forward to rolling out this year’s ERP across all of our regions!