Magical Bush Sundowners  in Mexico – the Wilderness Way

And finally, it’s time to take a virtual trip with us to bustling Mexico City where we’re proud to report that we managed to share a little insight into our untamed places, with the help of a setting sun and flowing gins. Clara Del Castello, our PR Manager recently visited our PR partner agencies and sales agents in Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a jam-packed 15 days of media meetings, she took it upon herself to add a little Wilderness wizardry to an event she hosted, on a rooftop terrace of The Wild Oscar, a boutique hotel in Mexico City. Clara was thrilled to have an impromptu visit from Olivier de Froberville, our Business Development Manager at the event, where they tag teamed entertaining the media guests.

Reminiscent of a quintessential bush sundowner session, Clara’s ingenuity shone as she brought the essence of an African sunset to Mexico City, treating the 13 A-lister attendees, a mix of influencers, editors and journalists, to the magic of Africa.

With the help of a friend who transported the Okavango gin from Maun, along with other elements, like a tablecloth from Zambia and African-inspired snacks, the event captured the essence of a typical Wilderness sunset experience. Media attendees, many of whom had experienced Wilderness before, were transported back to cherished memories, while surprise presentations on our new camps and locations added to the excitement of the evening.

The rooftop venue may not have been Africa, with the chance of an ellie sighting in the background, but it was undoubtedly a festive and fabulous event, showcasing Wilderness’s commitment to creating unforgettable experiences all around the world.