Question Time

  1. Name and Job title: Vince Shacks – Group Impact Manager.
  2. Describe yourself in 3 words: Measured, enthusiastic, curious.
  3. Favourite hobbies: Reading (non-fiction), hiking and woodwork – I refurbish old English willow cricket bats.
  4. What talent/superpower would you love to have: Time travel would be great – would love to travel around the age of exploration.
  5. Favourite local place to visit or food to eat: I enjoy walking the India Venster trail on Table Mountain.
  6. What have you accomplished in the last year that you are proud of: Joining the Wilderness team and celebrating my son’s fifth birthday!
  7. Tell us one story/memory that you have while working at Wilderness so far: Myself and the wife in a German couple recently conspired at a Vumbura boma night, to get her husband to unknowingly eat mopane worms, by offering him ‘biltong’ in a badly lit setting. He later heard the other guests talking about the ‘worms in the bowl’ and used some expressive language to let us know what he thought about our trick (later admitting that it wasn’t so bad after all).

Thank you for sharing your story with us Vince!