Time to Grow, Perform & Succeed

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our people’s career journeys, our HR and Talent Management teams have started rolling out our new self-development initiative: Grow – Perform – Succeed (GPS). This exciting tool aims to help us reach our full potential, both individually and as a Group.

Our skilled Group Talent Manager, Rose van Sittert, is working closely with our HR leadership teams to introduce GPS to all our staff in the coming months. GPS has already been rolled out in South Africa and a successful week’s training took place in Kenya in person this month, as well as virtual training for our Tanzanian team.

The GPS presentation is focused around the word GROW – as an employee, what is your Goal; what is the Reality; what are your Options; and what is the Way forward.

The programme delves into how our past shapes us, and the importance of reflection. It explores our motivators and how we can get the best out of each situation we are faced with. What is our plan – where have we come from and where are we going? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to identify the opportunities and threats that lie in your path. To succeed we need to assess all angles and understand the influences we can and can’t control. Our future is in our hands and we are responsible for shaping it.

Personal development is dependent on us identifying those factors that enable us to grow, and those that stagger us. Once we Grow, we can start to Perform and ultimately Succeed.

“Our struggles shape us, our failures fuel us and the journey defines us”. The simple message is: Keep pushing. Your success story is writing itself. You need to be honest and open before you can GROW.

Rose was thrilled to be able to present GPS to the entire Kenya team, face-to-face. “From Main Governors’, to Private Camp, Il Moran, Little Governors’ and Mugie House, to the office staff in Nairobi, Kenya is officially the first region to have all staff go through the presentation. It was extremely well received and the feedback has been phenomenal. The news soon travelled to Tanzania and we were delighted to do a virtual presentation to their team. Together with Andrew and all our HR managers, we are really looking forward to rolling this out to the other teams, and can’t wait to see the positive results from this exciting programme”, she noted.

Here’s what the Kenya staff had to say about their introduction to GPS:

“It was a great presentation, loved the whole way it was presented by Rose. I found it pretty inspiring and it definitely made me feel motivated”. – Jesse Mathews

“It was fantastic and the staff loved it. It would be great if we could receive the presentation quarterly. Feedback from the team is very positive”. – Harrison Nampaso