As the Wilderness Regional Finance Officer in the UK, Matt Wylie brings a diverse background and a wealth of financial expertise to his role. His multifaceted experience uniquely positions him to make significant contributions in the realm of financial strategies and policies to aid in Wilderness’ future growth plans.

Matt’s journey began in Cambridge, where he grew up and attended school. Later, he pursued his passion for Economics and Finance at Oxford Brookes University, enhancing his understanding of financial principles.

In the early stages of his career, Matt showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by starting a business offering boat trips to tourists along the River Cam in Cambridge. This hands-on experience only further fuelled his interest in business and accounting.

After completing his studies, Matt entered the professional arena, starting as a Recruitment Consultant at Cititec Associates. His career trajectory took a significant turn when he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a Senior Manager in Audit/Accountancy. During his eight years at PwC, Matt qualified as a chartered accountant and played a pivotal role in supporting clients ranging from start-ups to global enterprises.

Now, as the Regional Finance Officer at Wilderness, Matt is focused on establishing a UK shared-service finance function for the company’s direct agencies. His goal is to lead the team in providing accurate and disciplined financial results, supporting the business during a period of accelerated growth, and ensuring continuity with core objectives, aiding in the achievement of the business’s overall strategic goals.

What Matt finds most fulfilling about working at Wilderness is the alignment of his professional expertise with his personal values. As a father, conservation and sustainability have become increasingly important to him, and Wilderness’ mission to impact positive change in communities, and safeguard the wildlife and untamed territories for future generations, is particularly meaningful.