Namibian Training Team

The Namibian Training A-Team

We have new additions to the training team in Namibia! The initial team of two, Dewald Kotze, Food Experience Manager, and Diana Rukoro, Chef Trainer, grew fairly recently with the addition of Ansie Bosman who joined the team in July 2021 as Head of Training. In November 2021, Clement Lawrence, Guide Trainer, and Selma Benyameni, Hospitality and Support Trainer, joined them to fulfil the region’s training requirements, bringing, as Ansie describes it, “Five very unique personalities”.


Their first team challenge was to embark on a four-week training journey through Namibia, conducting a week’s skills refresher workshop at each camp, focusing on unity and teamwork, and reigniting the Wilderness passion in each individual.

The team is currently three weeks into their training schedule, and Ansie has this update to share with us.


“Looking back, I realise that we instantly became a tightknit family of five the day we left Windhoek. Include Clement in any team and you will be sure to have bickering all the way. And that is exactly what happened, from day one, when we left the office at 6 am. Clement does not stop talking, and being our designated driver, we all had a chance to sit next to him, to experience the six- to ten-hour chats. Our team has the best sense of humour, and no day goes by without bursts of laughter, taking team photos and sharing meals in the true family spirit of ‘what’s mine is yours’.

“Mealtimes are interesting, and we have our routine sorted – meat goes to Selma, greens for Ansie, no dairy for Diana, all extras for Clement and, of course, only the best for Dewald. We learnt that Dewald is not the biggest fan of goat tjops from the Sesfontein roadside.

“Spending time with this team, the passion and enthusiasm that each of us brings to our roles and our environments is so evident. When it comes to training and sharing their knowledge, I have not seen a more professional and excited team, who come together each day with a plan, and will not rest until it is actioned, to the highest standard.

“We were tested to the max when we met 71 employees at Doro Nawas. To successfully train such a big group can only be achieved through communication, teamwork and leading by example, which shone through on each day of the training. The Namibian Training team cannot be described as anything other than the A-Team!

“We are also busy implementing a ‘Culture Wall’ in each camp, so be sure to look out for this story soon, as it deserves its own spotlight!”