After much anticipation, our new branded uniforms are being worn with pride in Wilderness camps and offices across our regions. After Wilderness rebranded in 2022, our uniforms were redesigned to feature our new logo and colours, whilst keeping practicality and sustainability top of mind.

From May onwards, our teams hit the road (and sky) distributing the new branded uniforms. As there was a delay in production, the main aim was to get the clothes into each region as speedily as possible. On arrival, a regional representative presented a short recap on the Wilderness rebrand and our values before talking through the uniform standards – and then the moment everyone had been waiting for… handing out the gear.

South Africa was first in line, followed by Namibia in mid-May. June saw our teams in Botswana, Zambezi and Rwanda receive their stocks. Tanzania will follow next.

The rollout teams have received many a thank you from staff happily displaying their new uniforms. There were dances of joy and smiles all round when the old uniforms were handed over and replaced with the new. Some of our guides even went straight to work in their new gear.

Despite a few sizing hiccups, our teams are looking so smart and are incredibly proud to wear their new uniforms.

Thank you to all the teams who assisted with getting the uniforms out to our staff: Ansie Smith, Carina Losper, Lena Florry, Elfrieda Hebach, Dudu Kedikilwe, Shuvanayi Taruvinga, Gogo Guwa, Petros Guwa, Ally Bauer, Ingrid Baas, the camp managers and many more.

Enjoy the roundup of the uniform launches in some of our camps, where there were no words for the immense gratitude and excitement on the day.