Power Hour Sessions


From Malora’s Desk

Invest in YOU!

This year we have moved forward with great momentum, and are all operating in an extremely fast-paced environment. Along with all the excitement, there are also challenges, and Wilderness acknowledges the impact this has on our teams.

Not losing sight of the most important part of our business, our people, we are excited to introduce the first round of Power Hour sessions that have kicked off this month.

Business today tends to focus on task-based connections, leaving people feeling unheard and unseen. Employees are working under pressure, with a mindset of ‘the more I can do in the least amount of time makes me the most productive’.

However, working this way places more value on getting the task done rather than creating meaning, leaving us feeling robotic, burnt out, and disconnected. 

Wilderness is inviting all staff to attend the first two Power Hour sessions that will provide you with a common language to enhance your capacity to listen, hear, and understand what people are saying, in order to respond in advanced and meaningful ways. 

The sessions will guide you on how to better connect with your own needs and those you interact with, resulting in positive, people-centered performance.  Further sessions will be scheduled with the aim of changing our work focus from ticking off tasks to adopting a more human-focused approach.

The details:

  • Each session is one hour
  • We would like to ensure you all have a chance to attend, so will be setting up repeat sessions to give everyone a chance to listen.
  • The first two Power Hour sessions (Psych Connection #1 and Psych Connection #2) are mandatory to attend as they lay the foundation for all future coaching programmes and Power Hour sessions.

We will keep you updated with the session times and further information. If you have any questions, please let me know here.

Malora Keevey