Word from the Wilderness Sociable Weavers

Navigating the wilderness of branding

In the wild world of safari tourism, where the untamed wilderness is the stage, establishing a strong brand identity is essential and the new brand we have developed is doing wonders to take Wilderness into the next era of travel. But in order to ensure our brand continues to be a roaring success, there are some things we need to consider when talking about Wilderness, whether on social media, to the trade, or in any external publication or podcast. These guidelines, which may at first seem obvious or frivolous, are mightily important, not only to help us maintain consistency in the midst of nature’s chaos, but also to shape the way in which the media, trade and our guests themselves talk about our brand.

Our company name

As you know by now, our company is no longer Wilderness Safaris, it’s just Wilderness. Not Wilderness Destinations. Wilderness. Like Apple. Google. Amazon. Or Meta. It follows a world-leading global trend of one-word brand names that are both concise and memorable. In its simplicity it conveys a sense of confidence and authority, signifying a strong and clear identity in a crowded marketplace.

Our camp names

When talking about our camps in the new brand voice we add Wilderness before their names and have dropped the word camp or lodge where it’s unnecessary. So, no longer Mombo Camp. It’s Wilderness Mombo. This new naming convention reinforces our brand identity, ensuring that wherever our camps are mentioned they are immediately linked to our brand. In this competitive industry, it fosters brand recognition and trust among travellers. Now, guests who have a positive experience with one camp or lodge under the Wilderness umbrella are more likely to seek out other properties with the same name, helping us increase customer retention and loyalty. Do note though, when it comes to dropping the word camp or lodge from the name, there are some exceptions to this rule, particularly where the name of a camp also describes the area or a species, think Wilderness Damaraland Camp or Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp.

Our areas

The term concession has tripped up many a foreign visitor. Also used to describe monetary grants as well as small kiosk-type shops, the meaning of the word concession may seem obvious to those of us living in Africa, but this is not always the case elsewhere. With the Wilderness rebrand, we primarily changed from using the term concession to Private Wilderness Area, but still use both interchangeably, depending on context. Specific names we use include Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, Kulala Wilderness Reserve, Mombo Wildlife Area or Mombo Traversing Area, Abu Private Reserve, Jao Reserve, Mokete Private Wilderness Area, and Vumbura Plains Private Wilderness Area (with Kwedi being the broader-area concession name).

Our spelling

Although much of our market is based in North America, as a brand, Wilderness uses SA or UK spelling with US only on request for specific material aimed at that market only. So think colour and honour, not color and honor. And an ‘s’ not a ‘z’. We recommend setting your computer, as well as any specific programmes you use frequently, to UK spelling.

A call to action

If you’re putting out a message about Wilderness and need a call to action, the simplest option is just to direct people to the website – wildernessdestinations.com. For bookings the request would simply be to email enquiry@wildernessdestinations.com. To follow us you can use @wearewilderness for both Facebook and Instagram. Inviting readers to discover more, get in touch, or follow us helps build a community, eliminates ambiguity, and provides a clear step forward for anyone reading your content.

Some important points to note

As with any brand, there are always going to be specifics. Little niggles, and things that stand out from the crowd. Here are just a few of those important points to remember.

  • Our Curio Shops are now Safari Trading Stores (in former Classic camps) or Safari Boutiques (in former Premier camps)
  • Our rooms are tented suites, or Forest Villas at Bisate
  • It’s Wilderness Savuti or the Savuti Channel but the Savute Marsh
  • It’s Wilderness DumaTau – not Dumatau or Duma Tau
  • Wilderness Air should always be used in full
  • Masai refers to the place and Maasai the people and specific species
  • There’s one mokoro but two mekoro. However, it’s mokoro excursions and not mekoro excursions

So, as you go forth and spread the Wilderness message, please use these guidelines as your compass. And let’s create wild and unforgettable experiences by staying on the ‘safari track’.