40-year Anniversary Competition

Individual Entries – Art

Recognising our incredible milestone with a personal showcase of what 40 years of Wilderness means to us!

We are Wilderness.

Benjamin Furaha Nsekuye, Rwanda

What 40 years of Wilderness means to me.

Kate MacWilliam, South Africa

It means family – a group of like-minded people who care deeply for our planet, wildlife and people. A collective determined to make a positive and lasting difference in this one life we have. It means changing lives – yours and mine, the wildlife and all guests who travel with us. It means fun and challenges. It means waking up with purpose and going to bed fulfilled. It means hope and it means change. It means we care and are committed. That we are staying the course! It means love! It means we are not alone – and that together – anything is possible.

Happy 40 years to the company that changed my life!

Leonard Harerimana, Rwanda

A 40-year journey.

Alex Rautenbach, South Africa

A walk down the Wilderness memory lane.

Herman Nkusi, Rwanda

Celebrating Magashi and many more years of Wilderness. Wilderness has changed the lives of many, including mine when I qualified as a FGASA guide.

Carmen Manuel, South Africa

Cheers to Wilderness’ growth over the years. No one comes close to what we do and what we offer. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing family.

Bronwyn Lambrecht, South Africa

For me, being a small part of a company celebrating its 40-year anniversary is indeed an honour, and it evokes a range of positive emotions and a sense of pride.

Manzi Isibo, Rwanda

40 years of Wilderness means so much for our planet and many people who have been positively impacted in an unforgettable way. This has paved the way for so much more to be done. As I reflect on my past few years with Wilderness, I am given hope and fuel to make the next 40 years bigger and better!

Malora Keevey, South Africa

For the last 40 years, Wilderness has tried and tested, pioneered and persevered. These were our foundational years. We are now embarking on a new chapter, one built on solid experience, strength and resilience. I’m very excited to be part of this next adventure to pioneer and conserve wild places. My entry is a botanical celebration or birthday bouquet, featuring 13 indigenous African trees and plants- watercolour, and gold ink on Fabriano paper.

Mary-Anne van der Byl, South Africa

What I love about Wilderness is the determination to protect our beautiful continent. To celebrate our cultures, landscapes, species and magic. This is what inspired my drawing, Africa is made up of all these aspects and we are all so passionate about it. We are Wilderness!

Tumpane Lenchwe Moalosi, Botswana

Wilderness has allowed me to grow my photography experience. I am inspired by nature and highlight its brilliance through photographs that connect me and my guests to the wild.

Xanthé Gates, South Africa

To me, 40 years of Wilderness means the coming together of different cultures and experiences of people from all over the world. 40 years of Wilderness also means growing and learning and keeping up with the latest happenings, such as technology and how we incorporate this in our doing of things.

Chef Jonathan’s 40 dishes and the smarty AIs…

Tenneil Zondagh, South Africa

Turning 40 with Wilderness. Tunes to celebrate and reminisce.

Jason Glanville, Rwanda

The history of conservation and my involvement in the Wilderness impact journey has been a massive source of influence on why I love to work here. It feels incredible to wake up every day knowing that the world has a chance to succeed going forward due to thoughtful and hard work from all our employees. We are Wilderness.

Eyleen Ungaya, Kenya

It is courtesy of Wilderness that I have visited amazing places in East Africa. Here are some of the best photos I have taken so far. 

Karol Kebadile, Botswana

“From 2 Land Rovers, 1 tent, 2 guides, and gin and tonic for mosquitos – this can only be an execution of hard work, passion and commitment at its best. Wilderness has operated for over 40 years without fail. Sharing different Botswana cultures with the world (basket weaving, culture dance and food). Changing lives through tourism and bringing guests to discover earth’s untamed places”.