40-year Anniversary Competition

Team Entries

Recognising our incredible milestone with a personal showcase of what 40 years of Wilderness means to us!

We are Wilderness.

Jacqui Cranko and Audrey Radebe, South Africa

40 years of Wilderness means the joint effort of like-minded individuals working together for the good of conservation and the preservation of our communities and wildlife in Africa. We are all doing our part to give back through what we love doing and conserving a part of our beautiful Africa for the next generation. Wilderness is the people who make it what it is.

Team Magashi, Rwanda

The food at Wilderness Magashi is so good that you easily gain 40 kilos within minutes!

Groups, Series and Explorations Team, South Africa

 40 years with a purpose. Here is our story – tree planting ceremony and time capsule!

Trade, Media & Staff Travel Team, South Africa

 Forty frames of memories, souvenirs and achievements.

Guest Experience team (GELS and EAH), South Africa

Celebrating 40 years of Wilderness.

Team Sabyinyo, Rwanda

 Our 40 years of Wilderness dance.

Team Sabyinyo, Rwanda

Wilderness Uhora Ku Isonga (Wilderness always on top)

Groups, Series and Explorations Team, South Africa

 As Groups, Series and Explorations, we have taken care of the serious side of what Wilderness is about, yes we work hard BUT we play hard too! Here is what some of our playing hard looks like.

Wilderness Safaris, now known as Wilderness, has been a pioneer in the luxury travel industry for 40 years. The company started with a few rustic tents, a single Land Rover, two dedicated safari guides, and a dream of showcasing Africa’s iconic wild places. Today, it has grown into a world-leading conservation and hospitality company, with over 3,000 passionate employees and over 60 camps in eight countries.

To US, 40 years of Wilderness means a legacy of responsible tourism that has helped preserve the natural beauty of Africa’s wilderness. It means a commitment to sustainable tourism that has empowered local communities and protected wildlife. It means an unwavering dedication to providing guests with unforgettable experiences that are both luxurious and authentic. It means 40 years of fun!

Wilderness has always been more than just a travel company. It is a movement that has inspired people around the world to appreciate the beauty of nature and to work towards its conservation. So we as a team had to get it moving and celebrate in true Wilderness style.

Our dance video is a testament to the spirit of adventure and joy that Wilderness embodies. We hope it inspires others to appreciate the beauty of nature and to work towards its conservation.

Here’s to another 40 years of adventure, conservation, fun and prosperity.

Gabs Travel Shop Team, Botswana

Derek – I’ve been in the industry for as long as Wilderness has, for much of the time it was my ambition to become a Wilderness person. The 14 years of being a Wilderness person, have showed me I was right to want to be part of the family.

LuAnne – My beloved Wilderness, Thank you for 40 years of purpose, 40 years of empowering, educating and protecting! I am proud to be a part of this remarkable journey!

Minkie – 40 years of celebration means a lot to me – it means that I have been part of a successful and innovative family, that makes a positive impact to Botswana and beyond. I have witnessed growth both personally and professionally!

Lorato – Wilderness has been the only company I have worked for since I started working. I feel proud to be part of a company with a purpose and one that strives to save Mother Earth by giving back to her!

Lebogang – My Wilderness story of my life, humanity, peaceful mind, best life experience, welcoming, great smiles, love, happiness and family!

Fern – From humble beings the journey began.. a journey that has brought great friendships, soul-reviving appreciation of our land and the natural beauty that surrounds us! Wilderness journeys strive to save, teach, grow and show Earth’s ultimate untamed places!