Wilderness Wellbeing

‘Being healthy is a success that many people forget to celebrate’.

Welcome to Wilderness Wellbeing in 2024, where we look forward to working together to positively impact your space.

First up, please note that our HR teams will now be driving all our Wellbeing initiatives going forward. This will free up Malora’s time to concentrate on her Group Risk portfolio, including overseeing Wilderness24. As this is now a well-established system, Malora will be turning her attention to enhanced risk practices by empowering staff through training and awareness, and building tools and processes.

We will continue to roll out our Staying Strong initiative across all regions, camps and offices during the year, with the programme due to reach Kenya in March, followed by Rwanda in April. For those who have already attended these informative sessions, thank you for your participation and feedback.

Other exciting wellbeing campaigns to look out for this year include Move Month in April, Nutrition Month in August and Mental Health Awareness Month in October. We also look forward to celebrating our heritage and culture through Wilderness’ Heritage Day on 30 August.

We would like to thank Malora for her positive contribution to Wilderness Wellbeing to date, especially getting many of us to realise the benefits of healthy practices in our daily lives and helping us strive to reach our full potential.

We look forward to continuing our Wilderness Wellbeing journey with you all in recognition of our most important resource – our people.